Ration Riot Resurrection!

Ration Riot is getting a reboot!

Dan, Seriously. Why a Reboot?

Starting a webcomic, or any sort of story, can be a daunting task. One of the things I encountered that I had the most difficultly dealing with was consistent story tone. I first thought I wanted Ration Riot to be dark and edgy and made the comic in that tone. What I realized was that:

  • It’s probably not the best setting for a serious storyline.
  • Having a french fry attempt to rape a piece of broccoli was probably not the best way to establish that a character is evil.

So What’s New?

I went back to the drawing board (hue hue hue) and realized that all the comics I liked the most were the over-the-top, insane comics, where complex story lines don’t really matter and it’s more about the hyper kinetic action, ridiculous situations and randomness. I want this comic to be fun and maybe teach a thing or two about eating healthy in the process.

Will There be Regular Updates?

I have no idea if I’m going to keep up with regular updates on this cracker or not, but I have to get this story out of me. I have to. It’s been boiling in my brain for years… far too long and I’m starting to get cerebral palsy. You don’t want me to get the shakes. Not again. Not after I dropped that favorite vase at your mom’s house.

What I can tell you is I will be updating the facebook page every time an update goes live, so make sure you are on that shit.

My twitter handle is @modblot on teh twitters if you want to peer into an artist’s daily complaining. I think I have positive things to say on there, you might have to dig around.